The first programmer is a woman! Ada Lovelace

They say that women have quite a few discoveries or great achievements. Nevertheless, it is the first programmer was a woman - Ada Lovelace.

Ada was the only legitimate child of the great English romantic poet George Gordon Byron . She was born on December 10, 1815 . Yes, yes, you are right - on December 10, “Programmer's Day” has recently been celebrated.

When Ada was 17 years old, she was introduced to the king and queen. At the dinner table, she first heard the name "Charles Babbage" and a few weeks later they met.

The mathematician himself worked on paper on a machine that could work under the control of an external program, without making the mechanism functional capable of performing only one specific action. It was something like the first computer that was never built by Charles . Ada foresaw the purpose of the computer (at that time there was still no word “computer”) as a tool capable of solving many different tasks and completely plunged into this unusual project.

In mid-1843, Charles Babbage received in his letter from Ada the world's first computer program - an algorithm with which it was possible to solve the Bernoulli equation expressing the law of conservation of energy of a moving fluid.