Crizal Prevencia eyeglass lenses or briefly on how I relieve eye fatigue

Ps, I’ll make a reservation right away - this is not advertising. ?
I was looking for a tool that could relieve eye fatigue, because every year my eyes got worse, I had to make the working day shorter and more productive due to the unpleasant feeling that my eyes were about to run out.
Like probably everything, I heard that there are glasses with protective coatings that block harmful "radiation" or something.
I went to the nearest optics, where they offered me to collect glasses from the frames and lenses. Lenses offered by Crizal Prevencia, supposedly a super-cool lens design with all the coatings that I can only come in handy.

Their price in my local optics was 2500 roubles for ONE lens. There I was offered to others for 900 rubles, and both lenses were included in these 900 rubles. But, as they say, do not save on health.
I chose the frame myself. I was looking for lightweight, to wear such glasses was not very difficult.
After all this, in the next office I passed an eye test. There, besides the standard “see, I see,” there were other checks, I do not understand them much, but there were a lot of them. We even looked at the distance from eye to eye!
This procedure was also not free.
As a result, they wrote me a check and sent my points to wait ~ 2 weeks. In practice, it turned out even less than a week.

Upon receiving your order in the kit there was neither a rag, nor a case. It was sad, I was not even offered to buy them. The fact that they are needed I felt the very next day, when I managed to get them dirty with fingerprints and a little dust. Wipe them with tips of clothing is not recommended .


Immediately after receiving, I noticed that the shade that is visible through the glasses is “warmer” than my usual one. It's funny. You take off your glasses and the world becomes gray. However, all the shades in them are very different, they differ just as well as without glasses.
When working with a laptop and an additional monitor over the next week, it was noticed that the acquisition is really worth the money! Eyes ceased to tire so quickly. Fatigue, of course, is, but at times less than before. I even tried to work in them at night, all the charm. However, I do not recommend anyone working at night; everyone needs a healthy sleep.

I am delighted.
Ps, according to the preview it may seem that they are "purple." In the process of wearing, there was not even a hint of some kind of violet glare or something like that.

There are rumors that protective coatings tend to wear off. Therefore, as I wear it, I will supplement this post with important information.