Why I won't buy smartwatches anymore

For the first time I learned about smartwatches in general back in 2014, these were the first Samsung Galaxy Gear, but I didn't like the price. Naturally I wanted, it seemed incredibly cool and useful, huge functionality compared to ordinary watches and in general, I love technology, and this is just something new and interesting.
Still, in 2020, on my birthday in February, I decided to buy a Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 , at least one of the two of us will be active. : D
I got them at full price, at that time for 25 thousand rubles.

The first months everything was cool, time shows, counts steps, displays the weather, even gives to pay in the store! It's a miracle.

But nevertheless, their main disadvantage turned out to be as usual - 2-3 days for charging. Over time, I began to look at this all somehow more soberly, it turned out to be not really necessary. The phone counts the steps, the phone pays in the store, the phone shows the weather. Well, somehow it started to turn out so that it was just useless to go and live with discharged hours for several days, simply because it turned out to be too lazy to come up with a charger for them every evening. Everything that they can do exactly the same can be done by the telephone. Well, except how to determine the pulse, although the clock also determines the pulse rather poorly than the norms.

Having concluded a year later and as it turned out for me personally, this is just an expensive toy.