How to play on MacBook?

I think it’s no secret to anyone that games are not the strongest side of the MacBook, and Mac OS as a whole. But what if you want to run into new games, but there is no desire to buy a second car?

Relevant only for Russia. But it is not exactly.

The article will focus on the Geforce Now service. This is not an advertisement, this is a personal review.
Recently, I traded power for mobility and autonomy, it was a necessary measure. Sometimes on frosty evenings in another city I want to go chopped monsters in some beautiful toy. And somehow one of these evenings I came across an advertisement for "cloud" servers for games.
Their existence is no longer a secret. And somehow having seen what happened to the Google stage after its opening - lags, bugs, friezes, picture quality, there was an unpleasant aftertaste that all this was an unfinished hat.

Nevertheless, I decided to try geforce now anyway and was impressed.

Huge plus

The biggest plus for me is that there is a trial for 14 days. Within 14 days, you can try out the service, the games you need, the quality of the service itself. All you need is to register on and attach your card.

What's with the connection?

In my case, there is 100 Mbps Internet and at the end a router issuing 5 GHz wi-fi. Everything. The device can be safely connected to a TV or monitor and chopped.
Nuance: in the evenings, the quality of the picture still sometimes sags, but not so very critical. It's nice to play even when the quality "sits down."
As such, "pressed the space, and the character after 5 seconds jumped" did not see at all. The game always goes smoothly and responsively, the impression is as if the game was launched in general natively.

What about installation?

Register on and download the dmg package. Install, go and play.
One unpleasant moment: for some time I had a jamb that I could not start a single game until the service was updated. So I spent almost a week without games. I do not think that this will happen again, but it happened.

What is there with server power?

From what I was able to see through the big picture mode in Steam - the servers have unknown to me RTX video cards with 8GB, 8GB of RAM and an unknown 4 core Intel processor with a clock speed of 3.5Hz. Yes, probably with such hardware you can’t overwhelm some super-powerful games. I'm not sure, but maybe they have more powerful servers, and what server you are playing on depends on the running game. But I'm not sure. These are just my guesses. Although it would be fun.

What's up with the games?

Games you need to buy on your own, or play free games. Everything is tied to Steam and its library. Although of course, it would be cool if there was some free standard set like some competitors.

What about gamepads?

The MacBook quietly accepts the original gamepads from xbox one and playstation 4 via bluetooth without any adapters. No other gestures are needed. Connected via bluetooth and went to play. I don’t know about other gamepads - they simply aren’t on hand to check. The service and games in it determine well what kind of gamepad is connected and how to work with it. As if natively. Very cool.

What about prices?

Prices are extremely affordable. It seems to me that this is the cheapest service among all its competitors.
One month of subscription costs 999 rubles. Six months - only 4999, formally a month is already a gift. For the whole year, it will be necessary to lay out only 9999, which gives us as much as two free months.


My conclusion is that the service for my dibs is definitely suitable and I definitely extend it. In it, I also hope to meet and go through the new products that I expect in the next, 2020. ?