Reading IMAP emails via PHP

Actually, this is not complicated, but it has a rather large list of what it might be needed for.
I personally used it to send to myself in VK notifications about the release of new episodes of my favorite series. These notifications just come to one of my mailboxes.
I already mentioned how to write messages in VK through PHP in one of the previous entries, VK bot and callback api

Here I will only talk about IMAP.

Connecting to IMAP via PHP is as follows:

$host = '{HOST.RU}';
$email = 'EMAIL@HOST.RU';
$pass = 'PASSWORD';
    $connect = imap_open($host, $email, $pass)
        or die("can't connect: ".imap_last_error());

You can also add all sorts of different options to the host. The port is most often used 993, so I'll set it up right away.

The ssl setting indicates that You need to use SSL for encryption.
The novalidate-cert option indicates that the certificate should not be checked. If you have a self-signed certificate on the server, that's what you need!
More parameters you can find in the official documentation, let's not focus on this.

By the way, until I used SSL with novalidate-cert, I got this error.

can't connect:[CLOSED] IMAP connection broken (server response)

Let's get all the unread emails in the drawer and put them on the screen.

	$new_mails = imap_search($connect, 'UNSEEN'); //Get the ID of unread messages
	$new_mails = implode(",", $new_mails); //Let's collect all IDs in a comma separated line

	$overview = imap_fetch_overview($connect,$new_mails,0); //Get info from message headers
	foreach ($overview as $ow) { //run through the resulting array. Each element of the array is a new letter.
		$subject = iconv_mime_decode($ow->subject,0,"UTF-8"); //We get the subject of the letter and immediately decode it
		//because most likely the topic will not have human readable encodings
		$body = imap_fetchbody($connect,$ow->msgno,1); //We get the contents of the letter. He will likely already have
		//need the encoding. Therefore, we leave it this way. If not, then you know what to do, ahah.
		//After performing this function, the letter will be automatically read.
		echo "Subject: $subject <br />"; //We derive the subject of the letter
		echo "Body: $body <br /><br />"; //Print the contents of the letter
	imap_close($connect); //Do not forget to close the connection

That's all. It's not complicated. If there are any questions - ask them in the comments. )